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The fact that I have nice looking eyebrows and am an expert at keeping them nicely shaped was true, until I tried the Natural eyebrow threading method by Neyes. I was really surprised at how different and beautiful my brows could look, after trying this method.

NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 6
My natural eyebrows, waiting like little caterpillars for a dramatic transformation.

How many ways is there to shape your brows?!

Until now, I was mostly using eyebrow shadows, tweezers and brow pencils from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I liked their products a lot, but their threading and shaping method in the salon didn’t really impress me. I found a real gem when I was at the Cosmetics fare in Ljubljana, the Natural eyebrow threading method by Neyes, and I couldn’t wait to bite in and see if this is the one for me. I had to grow out my brows for three weeks and not use any tweezers what so ever. I stepped into the salon with three extra hairs ;), and an uneasy or unbelieving feeling. If I wasn’t there myself, I wouldn’t have believed that ms. Petra Kusterle could make my brows look this beautiful in the Lux Brow corner. At the end of the treatment they looked beautifully shaped, full, just the right reddish brown shade and shiny. I would say they were #pictureperfect ;).

NEyes brows Beautyfullblog
The Lux brow corner and Neyes tools are also pretty picture perfect.

The natural Neyes brow threading method

The first brow threading treatment takes about an hour, in 10 different steps. You can read about the most important steps below the following pictures.


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 4

The first step is to clean the brows and eyebrow area, excluding eyelids and lashes (yes, you can show up wearing eye makeup, for example during your working hours).


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 5

They choose the right eyebrow colour between 5 different shades, or the already mixed shades that they have, to best match your natural hair colour and skintone. After that, they completely cover the eyebrows with the chosen dye. This way the small unnoticeable light or grey hairs become visible, and the brows appear naturally full. The eyebrows don’t get bleached, instead the intensity is reduced by cutting.


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 7

The expert then very precisely measures and determines the optimal length and shape of the eyebrows. For that she uses a thread and a pair of compasses, instead of just lining everything with a pencil, so that the measurements are thorough and precise.


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 9

NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 10

NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 11

Firstly the hairs that are too long, get shortened with small scissors. With a specially prepared wax, they get rid of the majority of the access hairs around the wanted eyebrow shape. Then the remaining fluff around the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose gets threaded. At the end, the remaining access individual hairs are removed with tweezers.


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 12

NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 13

With a special gel, they soothe the area around the bows, and cover the redness using a corrector.


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 18

At the end, the eyebrows are further accentuated with a shadow to fill possible holes. Using a ruler is optional.


NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 17

Of course I wanted to take home the tool that will help me shape and fill my eyebrows easily at home, when I want a more dramatic makeup look (for a natural look, this is efficient enough), so ms. Petra made this ruler especially for me.


I’m so excited. I’ve had them done about a month ago, and they still look beautiful and full. I will absolutely visit again for any corrections of fillings. I highly recommend Natural brow threading by Neyes to any woman, that is not to skilled with filling her eyebrows, can’t be bothered to do it by herself every day, or her eyebrows don’t grow as full as they used to (they will stimulate hair growth with a special serum). Above all, I recommend this to people that are thinking about permanent eyebrow shaping.

NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 19
A look in the mirror and…
NEyes Brows Beautyfullblog 14
Ta da! Nicely accentuated, bushy, just the right shade…. my new eyebrows are just beautiful!

Other method comparison

Full and noticeable eyebrows are very ‘in’ right now, but shaping them every single day is not something everyone enjoys doing. Because a lot of women ask me about the different methods of brow shaping, I’m listing the variety of ways and the difference between them.

1. In comparison with the Anastasia Beverly Hills way, I prefer the Neyes method because:

  • It includes dyeing the eyebrows, which makes the hairs immediately stand out, makes them more visible ( it lasts for a good month), and the brow much fuller.
  • They offer a personalised ruler, that is adjusted to the shape of my brows and makes filling brows in at home really easy.
  • They use threading, the ancient method of removing hairs, that makes the hairs grow back slower. Ms. Petra says that the threads twist the roots of the hairs and slightly damage the follicle, which makes the hairs grow slower or not grow back at all.
NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 24
The Neyes eyebrow dyes, give pretty and natural shades.

2. In comparison with the popular Japanese method of eyebrow shaping (microblading), I prefer the Neyes method because:

  • The method doesn’t give a long lasting effect, which is in my opinion better, because I know that the trends change and that eyebrows shaped with the microblading method, can change colours (to orange or even green), due to hormonal changes.
  • I can correct the intensity, colour and shape of my brows daily, according to my makeup look, hair and skin colour, and styling.
  • The final look is much more natural, because the method doesn’t reach into the body/skin.
  • In case the practitioner isn’t as skilled as ms. Perta (I’m predicting that this method, because of it’s excellence, will soon be offered all over Slovenia), I can walk around with the wanted brow shape, already the next month.
NEyes brows Beautyfullblog 22
The Neyes method also uses a special knife, but only to sharpen the eyebrow pencil, and cut the eyebrow shape into the ruler ;).

The numbers everyone should know:

  • An individual hair grows back 20 times out of the follicle. That means that the more you pluck it, the sooner it will stop growing all together.
  • It takes 6-8 months for the whole set of brow hairs to renew themselves.
  • In the 70’s, the trend was to have very thin eyebrows, so our grandmothers were plucking them like crazy, leaving them with almost no brows today, just as bushy brows are trendy again.
  • The first N’Eyes treatment costs 37€, without the adjustment of the personalised ruler (45 mins). With the ruler included, it costs 68€. Maintaining of the shape in 4 to 6 weeks costs 29€.

Are you also interested in getting your eyebrows done professionally? I hope I’ve made you excited for this natural method, because it gives wonderful results.

Shine bright,



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Photography: Karina Vešeleni for Beautyfullblog


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