Lollipop MakeUp with superbalerina Ana Klašnja

“We got an idea with Vichy that we could do something special. And it didn’t end with just an idea.” 

Ana Klasnja NIka Veger Vichy Dermablend 

Every year makeup artists come up with a new trick and look, with which they want to excite us in this festive season. This time they were very creative, but luckily for me there are plenty bold festive looks that are still both easy to recreate an wearable. One of them is Lollipop makeup, which I’ve done my first time on a ballet dancer Ana Klašnja. 

Ana Klasnja makeup by Nika Veger Vichy Dermablend

If you’ re looking for something interesting, different and easy, then this makeup look is for you. 


  • Good foundation, which hides your imperfections, mattifies and is long wearing.  For example Vichy Dermablend Korektivna podlaga does exactly this. 

  • Blush for cheeks in a natural tone of color.

  • Red lipstick.

  • Red and white eyepencil. If you don’t have a red eyepencil and your skin isn‘t  sensitive, you can try to use a red lippencil 



  1. First cleanse and moisturize the skin. Ana recommends using Vichy Micellar water  Phurete Thermale. She says, that it removes  even the heaviest makeup looks she wears for ballet performances, not only that but it also moisturizes the skin very well. 
  2. After she either moisturizes with a moisturizing serum or uses her go to face creme. For applying makeup I commonly use the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum. Read below why I like it in one of my previous posts. 
  3. For flawless skin use a liquid corrective  foundation, which helps with equalizing your skin color, and helps to create a long lasting and non dewy foundation. If you have imperfections such as, acne, hyperpigmentation, under eyes… I recommend the  Vichy Dermablend corective foundation. 

Other steps of applying makeup you can see down below in the video (in Slovene).

Ana Klasnja makeup by nika Veger Vichy Dermablend

How do you like it? Would you like to know the products Ana swears by? We did a lot of chatting while filming the video?… Thank you for the comment 


P.S. Because you were asking me on Instagram… Ana was wearing in the video two very interesting pieces by slovene designers; pants by Studioo Galeria and a scarf with a neckles by B-reflection. 


Shine bright, 


*Photo: Beautyfullblog

** AD/ Vichy.


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