Top seven … ways of toothbrush usage

Yesterday I had another spring-cleaning session of my ‘nest’. Unlike conventional cleaning, I exploited more then myself – my already worn toothbrush. Edges, sealant, small holes … all of them surrender to this unmerciful, multifunctional tool.

I look forward to a toothbrush replacement (recommended every 3 months) with mixed feelings. I know I have done something good for my oral hygiene … but something less good for the environment. This is why I have thoroughly improved a list of tasks for worn-out toothbrushes, which include all sorts of cleaning ventures (including, e.g. deodorant stain removal on clothes) and the following beauty tricks:

zobna scetka nail art

You can use a toothbrush for painting your nails. 

  • Polishes chapped lips. Apply lip balm on your lips. Wet the brush with warm water (or lemon juice) and gently remove the dried skin off the lips. Then reapply a good lip balm.
  • Smoothens fuzzy hair. Spray the brush with hairspray, then gently comb your fuzzy roots or stringy ends. This trick is often used by hairdressers on fashion shoots.
  • Combs affixed eyelashes. If your mascara is too wet, or you applied ten layers, you can comb your congealed lashes with your worn-out and clean toothbrush.
  • Removes fragments of eyeshadow, mascara and glitter that get on your face during make-up applying. Using a toothbrush, it’s easier than with a make-up brush and better then with a tissue, to remove ‘fragments’ off your skin, as it doesn’t ruin or remove your foundation layers.
  • Heals love bites. Brushing with a soft toothbrush accelerates bruises fading.
  • Strengthens the eyebrows. Coat it with a transparent lip balm or hair-gel and comb your stubborn hair.
  • Cleans nails. Nail-cleaning brushes can be normally found in XXL sizes, therefore a toothbrush is more convenient. You can dedicate your attention to each and every nail separately.

I’m sure you know other interesting ways to use old toothbrushes … drop me a line.

*Photograph: Glamgirl



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