My Language Magic Adventures experience: How I found my voice and confidence in English

Are you ready to transform your language skills and unlock new opportunities?

Dive into my experience with Language Magic Adventures (LMA) and discover how LMA helped me transform my English skills just in time, in less than three weeks, for a visit to the European Commission in Brussels. And this by turning language learning into an exciting and transformative adventure.

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To Brussels and new beginnings

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation for a study visit to Brussels with the European Commission, alongside other content creators from across Europe. While I was honoured, excited, and thankful, my first reaction was: “What about my English?!”

Yes, I learned English in school, but I hadn’t spoken English for quite some time. I wanted to be able to speak freely in Brussels and have conversations about topics I’m passionate about, especially sustainability and the Green Deal and that meant speaking freely in English.

The call, if I wanted to learn a new language with LMA, came exactly at the right time. When I was thinking that I needed to urgently find a teacher who would introduce me to polite conversations and some special expressions before even getting on the plane. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It was exactly what I needed — LMA is one of the best places to learn English (and you can learn many other languages too). Their unique method includes daily conversations with a native English speaker.

About Language Magic Adventure language school:

LMA is a language school that offers learning more than 55 languages using a method developed by polyglots. It is not, in my experience, classical learning. In particular, it teaches you in such a way, that you no longer fear speaking the language.

It is suitable for language learning at all levels if you want to learn a completely new language and you only know three words, or if you would like to speak as if it was your mother language.

One of the main advantages is talking to a native speaker, which is thoughtfully set up in such a way, that the conversation is very relaxed and attractive. But they offer many other tools for learning, which you will be delighted to use when you join the adventure (I won’t spoil your excitement). Read more at or try the first informative hour for free.

A language companion, not a teacher?

My native speaker, and language companion, was Liz from England. Her English was very understandable, relaxing and with that nice English melody. Our conversations were inspiring, sparkling, and sometimes even mystical. She was easy to talk to about anything; we went over everyday events and delved into the magic of mushrooms, energies, and medicinal herbs. But she really surprised me that she also reviewed ‘my’ area of interest and shared her perspective on my trip to Brussels. Although in LMA they say that native speakers are not teachers, but language companions, I oppose this; I am grateful that Liz was my language companion because she was also a life teacher.

An Adventure Like the Camino de Santiago

I compare my LMA adventure to the Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James. It’s much more than just learning a new language. I felt like I pushed myself onto a path without knowing what to expect, who I would meet, or who I would walk with along the way. I was hoping it would be inspiring and knew sometimes it would also be busy with my schedule. But like on the Camino, you walk alone, meet companions who teach you life lessons or ease your feelings with everyday chit-chat, but in the end, you learn something new about yourself.

That’s why I say that learning a language with Language Magic Adventure is not just about learning a language, but a transformative adventure.

Have I Reached My Goal?

LMA language magic adventures revieweperience

Did I relax and speak freely in Brussels? I did. I had great conversations with other content creators and European Commission team and spokespersons. I even started thinking in English on the second day I was there. At the same time, I also realized, that my goal is not actually to speak English casually about everything and with everyone. I want to enrich my vocabulary and soften my Slovenian accent. And for this, half an hour of conversation a day is not enough; I need to read and listen to more literature and content that I love. I have to surround myself with the language!

What I Would Do Better Next Time

I went through a roller coaster of emotions regarding my English knowledge. First, I was so excited, that I was able to speak and listen to various classes. I loved spending time listening to English content, especially Jane Goodall’s stories about wild nature and how to preserve it. However, when my daily habit was paused due to the Brussels visit and I’d already listened to all of Jane’s classes, I struggled to find that passion again.

So, my advice would be to embark on an adventure when you have a clear goal in mind and time to nourish this passion for your new adventure every day. And to indulge in music, books, series, podcasts, and online content that interests you in this language. LMA definitely encourages and enables you to do so.

Is LMA also suitable for you?

I recommend Language Magic Adventure if you feel the need to improve your language skills, to speak freely, or if you would like to discover a new language and culture. Get involved regardless of your previous knowledge of the language, but especially if you feel the fear of not speaking it correctly or well enough when speaking a foreign language. And don’t worry about your age, even the elderly learn the language with the LMA method and are very satisfied with their language progress. At my last Zoom meeting, I applauded a lady who was probably close to seventy years old and who, because of a meeting abroad, wanted to learn English from scratch. Now she is communicating quite well and she herself was enthusiastically sharing about her adventure.

This adventure changed the way I communicate forever, so I would really like to thank Liz for taking the time to be my companion. Not only in language but also in topics I was researching or interested in. I feel that we met not only because of English but because of common topics that excite us: slow living, health, ancient wisdom. I believe that the seeds of our conversations will bear fruit somewhere in the future.
I would also like to thank Laura for her disciplined approach that helped me stick to my plan. And to Saša and the rest of the LMA team, for finding me and giving me the opportunity to discover that exploring language can be not just fun but an exciting adventure.

Do you also have experience with LMA? Are you learning a language, or have you? Have you ever been afraid of speaking it? Please share your experience in the comments and let’s continue the conversation.
Thank you.

Shine bright,


*Note that the advertising content was created in cooperation with Language Magic Adventures. All the sentiments described above are genuine and my honest opinion. The blog was written by me with updates by Liz M.


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