Beauty Bucket November/December

It’s over. This time I’m saying goodbye to some of my favourite products… forever .  At the same time, I wonder why it is necessary to change the formula if it proved to be good and it satisfies many customers for many years already. Is the new formula really going to sell better just because it’s new?

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Selected products are listed from left to right:

  • Vichy Aqualia Antiox Vitamin C Serum. Before my first use I had to mix attached pure vitamin C powder into the serum and store it in a fridge for 21 days. Before each application I had to shake the bottle and take out the content by using the attached pipette. I know, it sounds like a beauty challenge, which actually suits me, but for most users it’s probably too complicated. After three weeks of using the serum, my skin was soft and nicely glowing. However, I haven’t noticed that the serum helped to reduce wrinkles and pore narrowing. Since it had a pleasant texture that leaves a silky touch on the skin, I liked to use it as an occasional intensive treatment after a period of greater exposure to the sun. Therefore, I am sorry that the production of this product and the entire line Antioxi has been canceled by Vichy.
  • OPI Acetone-free Polish Remover. I’m only buying better nail polish removers without acetone because I hope that they are gentler to the cuticle, if not to the nail. This is because it contains a moisturizing formula with aloe vera and without acetone. It smells good and it also removes varnish with glitters well (as well as Shellack ). The manufacturer states that you can use it to remove artificial nails also. A minus only goes for the packaging, as the content runs out through a 1cm wide hole on top of the bottle too quickly. Recommended retail price: €7.50, better stocked drugstores, e.g. Maximarket.
  •  Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. You might already know this one, as it’s on sale for already a half-century. Cultic Clinique ‘s product is designed exclusively for moisturising your skin, the third step in facial cleaning process. This is one of my ‘must-have’ products, as it strongly moisturises the skin. Like a sponge, the lotion assists in a better absorption of post-applied care products. By using the entire 3-step Clinique system a few years ago, I got rid of sudden inflammatory outbreaks of the skin before my period. It has a light, moisturising texture with a characteristic yellow colour that has no added fragrances or other nourishing ingredients . The bad news: this product has been replaced by a new version this spring, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +, which should provide even better care for the skin with moisture. However, I am noticing sadly that I prefer the old version.
  •  Lush Breath Of Fresh Air. This toner water helps you to wonderfully refresh and moisturise your skin in the heat, on the plane or in any dry air areas. Because it contains sea water, I normally spray it over my hair (so that it gets curlier) and sometimes all over my body before applying body lotion. I’m noticing that it soothes and softens dry and rough skin. It also contains seaweed, aloe vera and rose absolute. That’s why it smells so good. What only bothers me is that the sprayer that does not give-off a gentle mist, but it sprays directly on the face, which is not too comfortable (but it immediately wakes you up at least ). Thus, I prefer to apply this toner by using facial towels or cotton pads. Price: €11.45 / 250g,
  • Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm. Gentle cleansing balm for all skin types turns into oil when it comes into contact with skin and removes well all impurities and makeup. It leaves a truly pleasant feeling on the skin. Hence, I assume it’s a great choice for real indulgence of sensitive or dehydrated skin. Even for my own, I extracted every last bit from the packaging. This is however a luxurious cleanser, so expect a slightly higher price. Recommended retail price: €46.40, Muller.
  • MAC Creme Liner, Black tone. This was my first MAC’s purchase and it remained my favorite eyeliner ever since. I mix it with water if I want to use it for drawing lines of different thicknesses, whereas I use it dry if I want a smoky-eyes look. Professional makeup can give truly black, evenly-coloured lines that may be smudged when they’re wet, but once it dries out, it becomes long-lasting and does not peel off. You can also easily clean it from your face or body with a make-up remover. I also use it is to create fake tattoos. Because I can’t do make-up without it, I have already ordered a new one online. And at the same time I discovered that this product has a new, improved formula. I’m interested to try it out … Price: €17,
  • Melvita Revitalising Body Milk. This product can be a super gift. Its  wonderful, invigorating and happy scent (cocktail of oranges, lemons and mandarins) gets you in a good mood, so you can always remember a person who gave it to you (thank you ‘Superbabes’ ). It absorbs quickly and it doesn’t leave any greasy marks. Moreover, its nourishing formula is produced from organically certified ingredients. Price: €17.30,


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Beauty Bucket November/December