How to … reuse telephone wire

Old telephone wires that were ultra-popular in the 80s can this year be useful as a great fashion accessory. Hence, I turned it into a headband. I use it very often, as its coils best capture and stroke my fluffy curls.

Inspiracija:i Fendi pomlad/poletje 2013

You need:
A simple headband, telephone wire, silver-tape (or any other strong adhesive), needle, thread, scissors.
1. Coil the telephone cable around a headband. Truncate it so that it is slightly shorter then the headband. Then cut ends in half, so that they become flat on one side.
2. Using silver-tape or other adhesive fasten both ends of the wire to the ends of the headband. The flat part should be resting/touching the head band.
Kako narediti obroč iz kabla 2

3. Using leather, satin ribbon or other soft fabrics that doesn’t tear (I cut up a velvet frame of my eye-shadow palette), sew two rectangular pockets. Leave the upper edge unsewn.
Kako narediti obroč iz kabla 1

4. Insert the end of the headband into the pocket to hide its glued part and so that wearing the headband will be more comfortable. Now sew the remaining upper edge of the pocket, in order to fixate the headband.

Kako uporabiti telefonsko žico 4

P.S.: If you’re not very practical at sewing, you can glue pockets with super glue.
A few more things that you can make out of a telephone wire:

  •  Bracelet or hair tie (won’t tear your hair). Combine ends with super glue, metal clip or bead.
  •  Cables organiser, e.g. mobile headsets. Decorate a short piece of wire and wrap up a set of cables.
  • Glass labels. Use short pieces of wire (it’s great if you use various colours) and stick on different ornaments so that every guest at the party can immediately recognise his or her glass.
  •  Art installation, such as cute sheep created by Jean Luc Cornec.
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How to … reuse telephone wire