How to … paint shoes with a brush

This post has been created very quickly. I am performing tomorrow at the Philips press conference and I would like to wear heels. Since they are the only acceptably comfortable pair of heels I can wear in my last three weeks of pregnancy, but are however, unacceptably coloured (bad shopping gafaws happen to me as well), I decided to do a quick ‘pimp up’.

Kako … pobarvati čevlje

You need: a harder, triangularly trimmed brush (such as the one for drawing eyebrows ), desired acrylic paint shades.
Start painting with the lightest shade, e.g. yellow, and continue towards the darker hues. If necessary, wash the brush in-between. However, do not mix paints with water in order keep a good overlay. If possible, choose similar colours to the original, maybe just another shade. In this way you can be less accurate while painting and the final result will be better.
I needed one hour to paint one shoe. Acrylic paints dry very quickly, so I could put the shoes on already an hour after the painting … will certainly don them tomorrow.


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