How to … pimp up home made jam

I’ve discovered a spice, which can make every jam or pickled vegetable  delicious. It ‘grows’ with a little effort and almost no contribution. That is why its popularity is spreading fast … I think I’ll add it in many recipes, for example how to embellish a gift, decorate homemade cosmetics, or add the finishing touch to each party. But before that … I present to you a string of flags from adhesive tape.

You need:

Zastavice iz selotejpa 2

  • Self-adhesive tapes
  • String (can be waxed)
  • Scissors


Zastavice iz selotejpa 11 Stick a piece of adhesive tape on the string (across the middle). Then press together both ends of the tape.

photo-12. Cut the strips to the same length and cut triangles to become flags.

Zastavice iz selotejpa 3

3 Do not complicate with the appearance of the cap, such tape bound around the glass is much more interesting and unique.

Kako spimpati ozimnico 7

4 Omg … I’ve forgot to make a special (longer and brighter) flag with the sign what’s in the jar. Add some one-coloured self-adhesive tape and waterproof pen to stuff you need ;).

* Photos: Rožle Veger




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