Bird feeder from broken teacups

Every day different online stores bombard me with ideas for Christmas gifts. Bottle openers, aprons, candles, … and bird feeders. The last one especially, put pressure on me emotionally. Among all unnecessary clutter a birdhouse seems a great gift for my Dad, friends, niece,… . Who doesn’t like watching small birds feeding, as long as they are sufficiently distanced that they can’t poo around the balcony? However, in my opinion, the purchase of a new birdhouse is a waste of money, as there are many ways to make one yourself. Therefore, I’m stealing the idea from ​​an online store and already imagining what a great bird feeder can be made from a teacup with broken handles or a slightly harder plastic cup (they are easier to pierce a hole with a stick, because you have to make a hole just the right size with a lighter). These don’t need branches to be hung from. However, birds will probably prefer if you place the bird feeder near some hedges or bushes, where they will feel more secure.

krmilnica za ptičke



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